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Musical concert by Mestizos.

This musical group is part of Vecinxs en movimiento. Their songs talk about the vindication of indigenous peoples and make…

Photo exhibition “A glimpse of peace from the eyes of women who struggle”.

Venue: MEXICO Event Link: “Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos (CEE): Fb @CentrodeEstudiosEcuménicos”

Consume Local Program

Consume Local Program by Organization: “Help orphans for future nation” Venue: UGANDA

Share a Meal Program


Fundraising campaign for food for children.

Venue: SENEGAL Event Link: Niyel:

Presentation of the book “Liberación Emocional” by the Haitian poet Makanaky Adn in the house of culture Trenes del Viento Llay Llay.

Venue: CHILE Event Link: It will be broadcasted by the fanpage of Vecinxs en Movimiento from the fanpage of Coro radical…

Song Launch “Somos todos”

Online event organized by Edinburgh-based radical choir ‘Protest In Harmony’ as part of fringe climate events prior to COP26 in…

World March for climate change, Putaendo.

“Todxs somos Putaendo. Coordinadora de organizaciones de Putaendo por la defensa del territorio. Vecinxs en movimiento es una de las…

Commented reading of: “Anubandh. Construyendo comunidades de 100 millas” de Ela R. Bhatt.

Timings: 7PM Central Mexican Time Venue: MAXICO Event Link: Facebook Coordinación del Área de Humanidades y Educación, UAZ:ón-del-Área-de-Humanidades-y-Educación-UAZ

Defense of the Sierra de San Miguelito Movement (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)

Socio-cultural programme for the nonviolent defense of the territory (presential activity and transmitted online). Timings: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM…