Developing Capacities

Developing Capacities in nonviolence involves learning, experiencing and applying nonviolence in one’s life and work. Active learning occurs in the process of reflecting on actions completed. In applying nonviolence to one’s daily practice or to larger actions, it is important at the same time to facilitate the learning of others.

Gandhi advanced important principles such as: life-long learning and work-based learning; he believed learning was with the head, hand and heart. Learning was to begin with those things in one’s surroundings (especially in natural life) and then one moved outward to understand more abstract phenomenon.

Gandhi emphasized how each part was part of a whole. Like the hand is part of the body, so is every human being part of the whole of humankind. If one part of the body was injured, the whole body worked to fix it. Similarly if a group of people are suffering, than the whole humanity has to work to ameliorate the problem.


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