The “Salt Walk” Jai Jagat Guérande – Geneva 300 km (30 July 2020 – 26 September 2020): the first 38 days

Six French people are currently walking from Guérande to Geneva. They started by  harvest salt and their will walk like the March of Salt, 300-kilometre journey in 58 days, with about 20 kilometres per day. They pass notably through Saint Nazaire, Angers, Tours, Vierzon and Bourges. On the initiative of ActionAid France, a federation of local associations defending economic, social and cultural rights, their objective through this march is to “make the voice of the voiceless and powerless heard in order to promote alternatives to the destruction of the planet and the increase in global inequalities”.


This Monday, 7 September 2020, it has been 38 days since these marchers left, usually joined by others for a few hours or a few days. On their way, they meet actors of change (activists, associations, farmers), elected officials and trade unions, etc., drawing inspiration from their various actions and experiences to bring them with them to Geneva. To do so, they visit their farms, workshops, associations, take part in debates, conferences and initiations on the themes of the environment, the social and solidarity economy, food, agriculture and of course around the Jai Jagat campaign, presented through the interventions of the walkers and the films shown.



In 38 days, the Guérande walkers have only had to pay for their night only once. They are warmly welcomed free of charge to wash, eat a good meal with locally grown produce and pitch their tent. The passers-by they meet on the road often ask them questions, and excited by their adventure, offer them coffee, an aperitif, or even a melon or cucumber from their garden.


Only 20 days left before their arrival in Geneva. They are now in Couzon in the Auvergne. Don’t hesitate to follow their adventure on their blog or to join them on the spot: