The Meal- 26th September 2020

The Jai Jagat

September 25th & 26th Program: Jai Jagat Marchers Welcomed to Geneva &

Sharing a Meal, Sharing Peace


One hundred Friends from France, Switzerland and other parts of Europe will enter the outskirts of Geneva to Merin on the evening of Friday, 25th of September after some had walked 950 kilometres from northern France and others in the hundreds. For those that were part of the Indian and Caucuses and French marches, they will have walked as much as 3500 kilometres over the course of this year. Braving the Covid-19 restrictions, these marchers are carrying the message all the way to the Plaine de Plainpalais in Geneva:

It is time for us to come together and create a more just and peaceful world.

For all of those that want to express solidarity, join in by holding your own Meal in your community on Saturday, September 26th, 2020. The idea is for you to share a meal with some of those more marginalized in an act of sharing peace together. While taking the meal, make a small collection. This will got to raising those that have unduly suffered during the Covid-19 crisis.

It is important that you send from the MEAL either two photos or 30 second video clip of to:

Ajit: (WhatsApp no. is 91-94963 63857

or Garry (Nabil) at;