The Jai Jagat March Saint Antoine l’Abbaye – Geneva, 150 km (13 – 25 September 2020): March to create a network and raise awareness in order to organise a bigger march in 2021.

From 13 to 25 September 2020, the Way of Saint James of Compostel will be walked in the opposite direction by ten people of all ages and backgrounds who will walk 150 km from Saint Antoine l’Abbaye (Isère) to Geneva.


The militants have taken the gamble of carrying out this march despite a very short preparation time and very restrictive sanitary rules. Their main objectives are to march in support of the global Jai Jagat campaign, to raise awareness in civil society about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and to build a stronger and more solid network through the march in order to organise a bigger march in the summer of 2021.


Indeed, organising a march from a distance is not an easy task. Many told them that they did not know if they would be able to receive them in September because of health regulations, but that they would adapt when the time came. So Yann is going to redo the itinerary this week to see if he can get more support. But overall, in the villages the walkers will pass through and at the end of each stage, they will call the inhabitants, associations, farmers and elected representatives to introduce themselves, raise awareness and obtain a place to pitch their tents. A march in the image of the March for Degrowth, according to the state of mind of the carpe diem and in solidarity with the people encountered. The walkers will have several tents at their disposal, as well as a van to transport their luggage, food and a camping cooker.


In any case, if this march is a success, it will be very inspiring to organise others in the direction of Geneva for 2021, because it is being done without a real network, without money and without any real preparation. Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly result in a concrete network of mutual aid to help implement local development projects in the region and to raise the awareness of civil society in an effective and sustainable way. We therefore look forward to hearing the stories of this team of walkers and to be inspired by them for 2021.


We will also have the pleasure of following them day by day on their blog which will be created very soon.


In the meantime, here is the link to their itinerary:


Claire Lhermitte, 7 September 2020