The Global March Team Visits India

We always picture Baa (Kasturba Gandhi) on the fringes of freedom struggle but she was actually in the center of it, said Anuradha Shankar Singh (Additional DGP, Madhya Pradesh) on the 74th death anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi at Gandhi Bhawan, Bhopal. She also shared life sketch and moments from the life of Kasturba Gandhi.
Rafel, founder of World without War from Spain said I came here to find Gandhi but I found Kasturba.
“The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” We have heard this slogan but not many of us know the actual origin of it. This quote was originally said by Kasturba Gandhi. [source:All men are brothers].
‘Ba’ an unsung leader of the freedom struggle who took upon herself to lead the freedom struggle when Bapu was imprisoned in 1922.
Ms. Kumud Singh and Ms. Pragyan Mohanty also talk about contributions made by Kasturba Gandhi. Sunny Kumar recite a poem which he wrote on this occasion.
On this occasion Ms. Anuradha Shankar Singh (ADGP), Mr. Rafel founder of World without War and Ms. Montserrat from Spain, Ms. Pragyan Mohanty from PHIA Foundation, Ms. Kumud Singh from Sarokar, Mr. Mahesh Saxena from Gandhi Bhawan, Mr. Ram Kumar Vidhyarthi from Rashtriya Yuva Sangathan and Mr. Aneesh Thillenkery from Sarvodaya Mandal Madhya Pradesh were present.
The gathering was organized by Sarodaya Mandal Madhya Pradesh and Gandhi Bhawan Trust.
Mr. Aneesh Kumar said that we will gather again on 11th April 2018 in Gandhi Bhawan to acknowledge contribution of Baa Kasturba Gandhi on her Birthday.