The 12-day long Foot march for “Justice and Peace”

The 12-day long Foot march for “Justice and Peace” started on 21st September 2021. It is mainly a
decentralised action in which foot marches are organised in 105 districts of India and various actions will
be held across the globe. In India this action was inaugurated by Rajagopal P.V. with a one day fast in
Patna – Bihar (India). This led to the start of various Padyatras across India. Here’s a glimpse of what
happened in some of the foot marches :

AshokNagar – Madhya Pradesh
Chanderi, known for its heritage , was the starting point of this Padyatra in which 50 constant foot
marchers participated. This yatra started from Chanderi and culminated at Ashok Nagar Jilla collectorate.
While marching they sang Jai Jagat song which motivated them to walk for justice and peace.

Damoh : Madhya Pradesh
Another Footmarch for Justice and Peace started from Richkudi Village of Tendukheda district. This
yatra was flagged off by Nirbhay Singh ji, who gave out details about the decentralised action and how
every day has a different theme. Various young leaders took the responsibility of organising the
footmarch and spreading the message of peace through these yatras.

Godavari – Telangana
Yatra started in Godavari district of Telangana under the guidance of Yadav Raju. This yatra focused on
spreading the message of Justice and Peace by providing shopkeepers and other vendors with flyers.
Students from scouts and guides joined them in this footmarch.

Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh
In the series of justice and peace foot marches being carried out by the Ekta Parishad across the
country, today the march led by 200 tribal women and men from Tikla village in Gwalior district was
flagged off by the National President of Ekta Parishad, Mr. Ran Singh Parmar. He also explained how
Mahatma Gandhi envisioned a society based on justice and peace and how these actions are happening
across the globe.

Kalahandi – Orissa
Even heavy rains couldn’t break the spirits of the padyatrees from Kalahandi District Orissa. This yatra
started from Khaliamunda village which is an indegineous village. In this Padyatra around 40 people
participated. Due to heavy rain – their distance was shortened yet their will to walk for justice and peace
is still intact.

Katni – Madhya Pradesh
A dozen workers of Ekta Parishad started their march for Justice and Peace from Barwara – Katni
District. This Padyatra is led by Ramkishore Chaudhary, Sushila Dixit and Gonendra Sharma. They
walked till Jagatpur – Umaria.

21st September 2021, on the International Peace Day, The Foot March for “ Justice and Peace” of
EktaParishad Manipur was launched from ThangaChingkha to Thanga boat harbour of Kanran village (at
10am to 12) noon, Andro-Huikap ( at 3 to 5 PM) in Bishnupur District and in Imphal East District
respectively. EktaParishad National Coordinator – Shri Ramesh Sharma, State Coordinator – Aribam
Rishikant Sharma, State Advocacy Coordinator – MamtaLukram, Women wing coordinator – N. Bidyarani
Devi of EktaParisahd Manipur participated in the Foot March.

Naubhatpur – Bihar
This yatra started from Naubhatpur after 6 hrs of fasting and a series of dialogue regarding Nonviolence,
climate crisis and SDGs. These dialogues took place in the nearby 2 blocks. Manjhi ji, a dalit leader
welcomed Rajagopal ji and Priyadarshini ji. Finally the yatra was flagged off by Rajagopal P.V. and
walked 16 KM to reach Khajuri.

Pandripani – Chhattisgarh
The Padyatra for justice and peace from Harhar Pani village of Raigarh district reached its afternoon halt
at Pandripani village. The yatra received a grand welcome from Gaita Ramchand Komra, Patel Nandlal
Korma of the village and Jethibai Mandavi, President of the women’s group organization Chandni.

Seoni – Madhya Pradesh
Seoni (Madhya Pradesh)The yatra from Seoni district was flagged off by Santosh Singh ( Senior member
of Ekta Parishad) and former MLA Veni ji. Many senior members like Kailash Uiyeke, Sukhram Dhuwen
along with various village heads participated in this yatra.

Umariya – Madhya Pradesh
In the series of Padyatras for justice and Peace – this Padyatra started from Umaria district of Madhya
Pradesh. In this footmarch around 50 – 60 people participated who are determined to stand up and walk
together, towards a peaceful society based on justice.

During the Yatra many signature campaigns were conducted for the establishment of a Peace Ministry in

India. Overall, the purpose of this foot march is to influence the Government of India as well as the

United Nations and the governments of other countries about the system based on justice, peace, non-