Plant a Tree Program 23 Sep

Nature has been an integral part of the foot marches, and walking through the picturesque parts of India clearly shows it. Which is why on the third day of the padyatra, the marchers focused on tree plantation. Many yatras like the one in the district of Katni – Madhya Pradesh planted around 10 trees. This also inspired the gram panchayat to plant more trees and the village head added 10 more trees to the count.

In another yatra of Guna, the marchers were found to enjoy a good meal under a tree. They also had to cross a river in order to reach their destination. Some yatras were blessed with good weather but had to take an unexpected halt like the one in Gumla. The march from Datiya had the presence of Dr. Ran Singh Parmar ( President of Ekta Parishad ). He talked with the villagers and has also urged other marchers to plant more trees on their way as the 3rd day of the footmarch is dedicated to “ PlantATree”.

Other yatras like the foot march from Raigarh paid their tributes to Dr. Khoobchand Baghel ( who was an Indian freedom fighter who left his job under the British Government to join Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent freedom struggle).In the context of tree plantation – footmarch from Shyampur – Gwalior was also not behind. They planted trees and also urged the local leaders to have more plantation drive in the area. In totality, the tree plantation drive by different yatras had led to ripple, which motivated more people and local leaders to plant more trees. 

This is huge step towards a better climate and a peaceful society based on justice.