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Commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Celebrating the Launch of Jai Jagat 2020 at different parts of the world.

The Jaijagat2020.BE organization prepared a gathering around the statue of Gandhi at the Parc Marie-José in Molenbeek for which, more than 40 people came to join the celebration. Tribute was paid to Mahatma Gandhi who inspires the whole approach to non-violence. Jai Jagat’s partners in Belgium took the floor to share their solidarity – teachers from the School-Youth Project, the Farmers Action Movement, Fight-Solidarity-Work, Association 21, Friends of the Earth, the International Civil Service.
After having sung the Jai Jagat song, the group carried out a symbolic march in the streets of Molenbeek to the Municipal Hall of the SIPPELBERG. This was followed by a movie screening of the launch videos from India and other European countries.
Editor: Luc-Andr̩ Defrenne РPhotos: Michel Fieux

On the official start of Jai Jagat, we make a nice picture with Jai Jagat in front of the Cologne Cathedral with the support of German Indian Society and Attac (s. attached). Janina create a one hour Radio program in Radio Koeln about Gandhi’s 150th birthday and the Jai Jagat2020. There where some fundamental knowledge about Gandhi and his methods of change. As well the concrete possibilities to act by himself in the content of Jai Jagat 2020.

150 Gandhi: What does that mean for Germany, Europe and the whole world?
On the 6th of October, we had the official start of Jai Jagat 2020 in Cologne
The major of Colgone Dr. Heinen, Dr. Julius Reubke, Reiner Braun from the international peace office from Berlin and Bastian Berbner a Journalist from the German newspaper Zeit where on the podium. We had a very good sharing of ideas about practical non violence overcoming of conflicts and a better involvement of all depending groups in the society how to bring there needs in to the government. Already the old Greeks had drawn by lots the parliament but without there slaves. Now in Germany some regions try to experiment this ideas on a local level. We had Lee Bach as a songwriter and singer on stage and we were happy to sing the Jai Jagat song in German language all together!

Alberta, Canada
On 2nd october, students at Jackson Heights School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada staged their own mini march around their school to express solidarity with the Jai Jagat 2020 marchers and to celebrate Gandhiji’s birth anniversary. They carried signs and came to an assembly where they learned more about Gandhiji and Jai Jagat 2020. Their signs carried the statements of commitment and at the end of the assembly all of the students and teachers loudly declared “I commit” after I had read the commitments out and talked about each one. #everydayactions4peace #jaijagat2020

Mies (Vaud-Switzerland)
On October 2n, the Jai Jagat to the representatives of the communes of our region (which concerns 20’000 people) as well as to the principals of primary and secondary schools (2000 students) of teachers and parents of students.
Also, a maple tree was planted in Mies, the tree of the Jai Jagat, and we inaugurated it on, October 5 with some members of our association and our children.

Roma, Italia
The Jai Jagat March was presented at the Political Science Department of the University Roma Tre. Some organizations like Tavolla della Pace, International Land Coalition and Pangea-Niente Troppo joined to give their support to the campaign. They agreed on the importance of the Global Peace March in the face of the dramatic situation of violence all around the world, where Italy is not an exception.
Also, a group of students shared what they have been doing on social media of the Jai Jagat Italy. At the end of the event Avani Kumar from Ekta Parishad invited everyone to sing the Jai Jagat song and thanked all the students for the hope and good energy they give him to bring back to India where the march is just starting.

On Sunday October 6th, the popular Les Grottes neighbourhood of Geneva was host to around 100 people celebrating the start of the Jai Jagat 2020 Delhi-Geneva global march for peace, social and climate justice. The march inspired by Gandhian principles, embodies the vision of a world that leaves no one behind, and this spirit was shared with much friendship between people of different nationalities and social strata.
Les Grottes and Maison Vert danced to the sound of Brazilian and Moroccan music. Many people soaked their feet in paint and imprinted their footprint in solidarity with the walkers. The evening ended in joyous sharing and meaningful conversation over a delicious Eritrean meal prepared together with love and fun.

JaiJagat Geneva joins the Indian Community in paying a floral tribute at the Gandhi Statue.
Jai Jagat Geneva Team joined the Indian community on the special morning of Oct 2 to pay a floral tribute at Gandhi Statue in Ariana Park. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it also gave us the opportunity to make contact and speak about JaiJagat2020 with many Indians including the Ambassadors and other officers from the Indian Embassy and the Permanent Mission