October 28th & 29th

For the first time after walking over 26 days in the Gurudwara of Ashoknagar, today & tomorrow are days of rest for us. As usual, the Sikh community are great hosts with a very big heart.
We had a pleasant visit of Jajpal Singh ji and his enthusiastic cyclist group in morning hours, followed by lovely hot breakfast with them. We also had training for youth on non violence, many people attended the same while some prefer to be with themselves.
After lunch, we had a tree meeting discussing and learning from the walk so far. This was followed by a TV interview for Rajaji. Series of meetings continued after the dinner, lots of informal meetings happened with Ashoknagar enthusiastic youth. Once again the next day morning Jajpal Singhji’s cyclist team visited us.
Many small group interactions happened all through the day, in the evening Jajpal Singh ji had organised for a press conference at the Gurudwara campus. We had repeated performances of Gandhi street drama by Ashoknagar youth, followed by all religions prayers by visiting local multiple religion heads. Sikh community welcomed all religion heads and the program at the Gurudwara campus, was just as lovely. Finally we had musical entertainment program – demonstrating Ashoknagar’s enthusiastic youth’s talents, yet again.