October 26th

We left for Ashoknagar after our breakfast. Once again, a short distance and we stopped for a tree meeting at a farmer’s home. Here, Bahadur Singh from Joura Gandhi Ashram, shared his life story as a dacoit & his current transformation.
Over lunch meeting, our fellow Satyagrahi Surjeet, shared his life transformation journey too, from sheer violence to serving, a very touching moment. We also got a bad news about our Satyagrahi Sharadha didi’s husband, leaving this world suddenly. May he get Peace in heaven.
More and more welcomes came our way to Ashoknagar. We also visited a Gaushala inspired by a Jain monk. Here we had wonderful sessions by local press people and David Fletcher from Canada. From here local MLA from Ashoknagar, Jajpal Singh Jajji – also known as Cycleman – he & his group rides on cycle every day in city, he also rides to the assembly on cycle all the time. He decided to join our walk with his team and some Jain youth too decided to join us.
Group kept on growing as we reached near the city joined by many leading citizens. Once again we had a reception in the Raghuvanshi Dharamshala followed by our usual evening prayers.
We got a donation of 21,000 from Jain family attached with Gaushala but our daily collection kept fluctuate today just to 1,970/-. We discussed the need to be innovative and look at out of the box ways to push funds collection.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!