October 23rd

October 23rd Updates – Jai Jagat Peace Pilgrimage 2020.
As usual we left around 8.30 am from the wedding hall for Gayatri Devi temple in Khatora, for a distance of about 24 kms. Inspite of long distance, Rajaji wanted tree meetings. Soon, I could see very valuable open discussions to improve our show and better coordination among various teams. One of the key points of discussion was around how closely we support our international as well as adivasi Satyagrahis. I am personally delighted by the action of close working within the team by forming a team of 1 each from international, youth and adivasi Satyagrahis.
We had a great time as we reached at the Gayatri temple Khatora under past MLA and big supporter Mahendra bhai & his family to Rajaji. Today, it was the turn of international Satyagrahis to lead Jai Jagat 2020 Peace Pilgrimage they did a tremendous job, they really put their hearts in raising the bar to collect donations.
Planning of time and distance continue to be an area for improvement – depending upon the locals for distance is very faulty. All the time, they challenge Google bhai distance & repeated unplanned welcomes on the road are putting pressure on our scheduling. We are getting stretched to walk on uneven roads in dark. Mind well friends, there is no lights on the road.
Along the roads our pot collection has increased to ₹ 4,010/- with active collection drive by the entire international Satyagrahis team.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!