November 9

We left from Sunelal Patel mahavidyalaya-Birdah.
Tree shade meeting – sharing of research on Sahariya…
Micro level study needs to relate it to the macro levels…
What is the global perspective of the problems of adivasis. Nestle selling water we see Nescafé paper cups in the remotest of villages. Understanding macro forces is important to see the micro issues.

The relationship of adivasis with prakriti. Sal borer Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh (cleared existing forest and planted Sarai trees for buildings planted by govt made the insects feed on these trees..)

We are thankful to the President of BJP, Jagdish Singh Lodhi for hosting us for lunch in a farm of Amla and guava orchards.

We sought blessings from 95 years old mother of the President.