November 4

A cold and pleasant day in Bhojpur began for us yatrees a bit lazily as we had to walk only 16
kms today.

Rajaji met the women of the nearby villagers and was happy to see the innnate leadership in them to take matters in their own hands and resolve.

We reach a Gurudwara at half past eleven where Harjeet Singh, a local leader was sharing about his life story after the 1947 partition. The chanting in Gurudwara created an atmosphere of peace and silence.

We started marching towards Bhimbetka where the world famous Bhimbetka caves are found. Though we did not visit the caves, we stopped by to have a tree shade meeting where we sang a Kabir song and Prashant shared his experience of current state of affairs in Chattisgarh.
With just a few kms to walk after lunch, we reached out destination – a school in Barkheda before sunset.

As we walk we talk a lot and the youth are always seeking and are full of questions. Sunny Bozo, a young marcher had a walk and talk session on anger with Rajaji yesterday. After the evening prayer Rajaji shared his reflection of that sharing on how anger can be transformed into sympathy and the energies put to use constructively.