November 27th and 28th

“Action expresses priorities.”
Day started off with cleaning the college campus, we all had spoiled yesterday evening. I am grateful to Ran Singhji, Swamiji and Dominic, for leading the cleaning drive. I too joined the drive and as we started cleaning, the college administration team intervened, but we completed the cleaning by ourselves leaving behind an example for our young doctor students and administration of Hahnemann Homeopathic College. I am sure, Dr. Shivani and the team will take on the message of ensuring the college campus stays clean and plastic free in the near future.
I am committed to leave a stamp of Jai Jagat 2020 Global Peace Pilgrimage on the minds of this wonderful group of young doctors. I offered my best possible support to Dr. Shivani & Dr. Malik. We were joined by a large number of Ekta Parishad activists in the college campus itself, and after the prayers we left for Gandhi Bhavan. We had couple of receptions on the way as we reached, it was like coming home. We had a great Gandhian welcome by the young volunteers, followed by great lunch sponsored by the CM.
I am deeply touched by CM coming over to welcome us by his large number of cabinet colleagues, demonstrating his commitment towards Gandhian values. We also received a promised gift of quality Sleeping bags in Joura by the minister.
The next day was a light day for us. We washed clothes of 4 days and got a bit relaxed. Only in the evening, the Gandhi mela was inaugurated by a classical music program, followed by a talk by Anuradha ji, sports minister, MLA and special invitee Harish Iyer, from Mumbai. Immediately after the program, we were invited by ‘Damini ki Awaz’ for felicitation to our team of Jai Jagat 2020, lead by Rajagopalji and Jill Didi.
A wonderful day indeed, of networking with families of Parth & Shruti, Shabaz, and Khushbu too. Raj Singh ji left after dinner for advanced planning to Armenia & Georgia.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria