November 20th and 21st

Today was a day of training but local MLA, Hon. Shashank Bhavargavaji – ever enthusiastic and deeply committed to Gandhian principles, wanted us to share the purpose of our Global Peace Pilgrimage with School and College students. We promptly agreed to his request and three teams were formed, and all the teams had to address two schools / colleges each. Bhavargavaji was so much committed that he scheduled his timing to be present at each of the venues. I firstly addressed MGM School with Claire, following which I went to a very old Municipality Girls school with Jill Didi and Sunny. I was deeply impressed with the wonderful way Sunny engaged the girls students.
Post lunch, Rajagopalji addressed a full group on challenges of creating a Social Movement. For me, this was an extremely enriching session. This was then followed by the International Peace Conference attended by local MLA, SP, District Collector and many leading citizens of Vidisha & a large number of students.
Next day too, was fully packed with presentation sessions in 6 schools and colleges, in addition to a Maderasa. Bhargavaji was present in each of the sessions here as well. I had the opportunity to go to the Sunrisers College of Excellence followed by Government Utkarsh Mahavidyalaya. Both sessions were very well received by the youth. Even Jalandharnath and Veronic enjoyed the traditional welcome and enthusiasm of the youth. We have offered our fullest support for projects on FOUR Pillars of our Jai Jagat 2020 to the school students.
Once again post lunch & rest, session on challenges of Social Movement by Rajagopalji was very enlightening. I am personally learning a lot. After the evening prayers we celebrated Debasish Bara’s birthday. Today evening was very useful for socialising, also a bit of time with ourselves is always very handy.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria