November 18th and 19th

We got up early in the morning at Kasturba Gandhi Ashram and almost immediately after freshening up, we drove back to Paunar had breakfast. We also met many Didis, took their blessings & picked Nayantara on the way back to Sevagram, to complete the rest of our work. We had meetings with Prabhuji and Dr. Sugan to complete the booking formalities at Sevagram.
We also met Dr. Abhuday Meghe, Dr. Jajoo and Bharat Mahoday, and by this time we also got all our train tickets confirmed. Mayur Maharaj came over to Sevagram railway station, where we returned his car with lots of gratitude and love. His support really empowered us to meet so many people and do many meetings in Wardha & Nagpur.
It was sheer pleasure to rejoin Jai Jagat 2020 walk. We got into the action of walking straightaway, right after addressing the school children and breakfast in the school itself. It was a very nice feeling to be with our Jai Jagat family once again. Rajaji liked our initiative of engaging with Muslims and Christian communities. Also efforts to connect with Buddhist and Jain communities too, were appreciated. I am sure we will make our last leg of India walk in Maharashtra to Sevagram, most memorable.
In Vidisha just in walk of about 9 kms, we reached SATI campus, where Indira Gandhi Girls Hostel was our home for the next 4 days. We firstly connected with all our new friends from ILC – An international organisation doing focused work on Land Coalition matters. We had 8 friends from ILC joining us for 3 weeks. The first phase of our training was started by Shruti and Parth. I deeply loved their energies.
Lots of initiatives on cleaning toilets & surroundings, putting shoes / sandals in a queue, restarting of morning prayers and implementation of Does and Don’ts document for our hosts, made my day.
I deeply love my Jai Jagat family.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria