November 16th and 17th

After a wonderful beginning of Maitri Milan, the second day began very well as well. Today’s key attraction was Rev. Saint Muraribapu’s session on Vinobaji. It was very well received by a very large number of locals too. Bapu, as he is popularly called, was received by a song & poetry. Most of the key veteran Gandhians were also around, even Subbarao ji came back for the session, and Rajendra Singh ji – the water man of India (Jal Baba) was around. Jayeshbhai Patel was very kind to connect me with him. I realised he had also been a part of the Jai Jagat 2020 Delhi kick off function too.
After lunch break there was a session by Dr. Milind Bokil. I loved his session and his deep understanding of Vinobaji. Session by Hembhai of Gauhati was very good as well – he talked a lot about Jai Jagat 2020 Global Peace Pilgrimage and it’s value in today’s time. We utilised the evening to connect with Amir Ajani – a muslim leader but a strong Gandhian and his circles. We talked a lot about humanity beyond religious boundaries, where he also connected us with some of his leaders on our Maharashtra route and in Nagpur too. The day was hectic, as we closed day with meetings with Prabhuji & Dr. Sugan Baran in Sevagram.
We decided to go to Nagpur on Sunday but we met Dr. Sugan once again to get connected with Aruna Sabane, an activist from Nagpur. After breakfast, we drove straight away to the home of Pramila Raut & Basant Bhagat, very supportive friends connected by Kailash ji. We also met Chandrakant Ragit, Mama Gadkari, Mathkar Kaka, Chandru Sahaniji, Deshpande Guruji, Suresh Pandripandey ji, Dr. Anwar of Jamate Islam – it was joyful to connect with so many people who promised their support to Jai Jagat 2020. We will be visiting shortly again, to set formal connections on our Maharashtra route from Kelvad to Sevagram, with support from Aruna Sabane and Dr. Sugan.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria