November 14th to 15th

The day started with almost all Satyagrahis at Sevagram getting geared up for a long walk to Paunar Vinoba’s Ashram – Bramha Vidya Mandir. The walk started before time with a large group of young school girls leading the walk. We reached at around 11 am after 3 hours of walk, with almost 600 Satyagrahis chanting and walking as one team, to be welcomed by all the Didis of Vinoba’s Ashram at the gate. Walk was welcomed and joined by many locals as we reached Paunar village, also we walked fully through the Paunar village roads decorated by the villagers. Indeed it was a very emotional moment for many. Rameshbhai & Jayeshbhai formally welcomed all the teams and surrounding villagers to Paunar Ashram.
After lunch, we visited Nivedita Nilayam pooja and proceeded directly to meet Pt. Shankarnarayan Agnihotri ji – the founder of Agnihotri education group of institutions in Wardha – a wonderful human being and a very strong Gandhian. He promised all possible support from his side towards the Jai Jagat 2020 Global Peace Pilgrimage.
Nov 15th was the day of baba’s death anniversary. Activities started at its peak right from early morning hours. People were coming from all parts of India, it was like a mela with a number of stalls selling khadi & village products and services. It was an action packed day with a great number of sessions by Gandhian dignitaries, where I too had a great fortunate opportunity to meet Ekta Parishad Chattisgarh’s full team – the biggest single team from india. Together, we prayed for Jai Jagat 2020 Peace Pilgrimage, as many promised to join Jai Jagat Peace Pilgrimage at various places.
Thanks to Jalandharnath, I had the fortune to meet many Gandhian veterans and thanks to Kailash ji, I met many press friends & social activists too. I also had personal meetings with Subbarao ji, Anardidi, Dr. Bokil, Dr. Sugan, just to name a few. After all the sessions, we came back to Sevagram and joined evening prayers. Today Jalandharnath bhai sold many coupons.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria