November 12th and 13th

Our day started on a very cheerful note, meeting with Balwant Dhage – Winner of National Entrepreneurship Award 2019, last week itself, and we congratulated him. Balwant was very kind to promise us all possible support from the English media with his 5 years long association with Times of India, and also gave us many media connections too. He also promised to organise for 100 khadi kurtas for Jai Jagat 2020 long term walkers, which was a big gift for our team. Over and above all that he took some coupons too thus our day started on very well.
We had many other meetings but the day was very satisfying. Yes, we continued to face challenges on cash collections but support in kindness, kept on flowing. Next day we met various people, of which meeting with Dr. Garg Dean of Kasturba Hospital was very encouraging. He promised for an internal circular in his hospital to almost 400 doctors. We also drove to Dr. Meghe’s hospital but had to schedule a meeting with him for the 16th.
We were blessed by father George too. In the evening met Jayeshbhai and large teams from Ahmedabad & Delhi. Our very own Ekta Parishad team arrived too. Thanks to Rameshbhai, our full team of 46 got accommodated in single large hall in Yatri Niwas.
We all assembled near Bapu Kutti for evening prayers lead by Jalandharnath bhai and the day ended with lots of satisfaction.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth … JAI JAGAT!

–Yogesh Mathuria