November 11

Yet another day of walking and learning together; we witnessed insights that have helped us churn our thinking process; also it has been a day of dialogues with each other and children.
With our international friends leading the march, we walked for about 5 Kms to reach Awadh Prabha Vidyapeeth school. Our friends from France Lawrence, Michel, Claire and Yann talked about the four pillars of Jai Jagat and interacted with children. The students promised to take up a project on fighting climate crisis to support Jai Jagat.
Yann, our marcher from France mentioned about Berlin wall bringing down 30 yrs back with the message that we need more bridges and less walls.

Rajaji said,”A recent research in America says disconnection between heart and mind is the biggest disease mankind are facing… we are all growing very intelligent…. We know math geography, sciences but we have forgotten to feel for others, our neighbors, we have forgotten to empathize. All we think is to be first … sensitivity is dying. And hence it is important that we not only yearn to become intelligent but also kind and compassionate beings.”

We reached a government school where we all sang a French song along with the children. That was our lunch and resting halt too.

The Yatra reached Khimlasa after walking 21 Kms. Rajaji in his address to the villagers said, “Gandhi talked about transformative non-violence to take forward Buddha and Mahavir’s teachings; he said that together with my liberation from greed, I also seek liberation of others and I will fight for this not with hatred but with all my compassion for the other to liberate as well”

“People who have brought transformations within can extend and offer their presence and learnings with those who need it. We need to think of innovative ways to transform. We need transformation based on friendship and not by fighting. This is what we learn from Gandhi.”

In a parallel footmarch 15 of our friends walked from Chattarpur to join us today showing their solidarity.

Kasturi didi, Shanti didi and Nirmala didi, our grassroot activists sang ‘Gandhiji Ka Sapna sajaiyo re des aage badhaiyo re, shantimay dhang se suljhaiyo re…’ to end the session.