Vincent Granouiliac, France

A seasonal peasant from France, Vincent Granouillac is an anthropologist, guide to Nepal and writer-photographer-traveler. His experiences with different cultures is his wealth and inspiration.

“But also a means of ecologie displacement, which I already practice in Europe other by cycle and walk”. For Vincent, Jai jagat is the continuation of Gandhiji’s message to action : Seva, bakthi, Shanti, love, sharing, ahimsa, simplicity, ecological living.

The message Vincent wants to convey is that of a simple life where humanity, spiritual, artistical, philosophical and ecological values are more important than social success, money and materialism. Why? Because he believes, if we do not care for each other

and not choose to live more simply we are moving towards ecological and human disaster. This since we took too much from nature and forgot that we are part of it.