Veronique deMetz, France

My name is Véronique and I have never been a peace worker or an activist. I am a simple crafter from France who seeks peace and try my best to practice peace, nonviolence and respect for nature and people in my daily life. Beauty of life and the sensibility of our earth and fellow humans inspires me. My three children, aware of my dream to see a world in peace, encouraged me to join Jai Jagat. 

To me Jai Jagat march is an opportunity to imbibe peace within myself, in every step. To learn about local communities, the injustices that they endure and their struggles. To endure hope by living with various cultures and moving across various countries with beliefs of nonviolence. I hope that in each day of our lives, we could live with peace in our heart. In peace with nature, in peace with each other. For this, we need to struggle together and commit ourselves to our communities both global and local – just like a nonviolent activist.