Riya Rachel Simon, India

How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony!

– Psalm 133:1

“Immediately after Jill behen presented Jai Jagat at the 2069 : Youth Fest, it was clear that I’d dedicate my year to the march”.

Riya has been studying about the ecology for a few years now. After a brief period of providing workplace design support for corporates like LinkedIn, she choose to direct herself towards the field of ecological sustainability. Thus beginning her journey with the sustainable living science course from the Bangalore based alternative education space – Bhoomi College, which she proudly calls her alma mater. Not only did the experience here awaken her feminine energies of love and preservation, it also taught her the immense beauty and love of the forces of nature. Her time spent with community living and journeys exploring the country and world through the lens of an ecological warrior or a bhoomi-wasi has led her to actively work towards making the world sustainable.

Riya practices, teaches and advocates sustainability techniques, including water conservation, waste management, reduction of plastic usage, circular economy and sustainable architecture. Her background in community living is very important for her approach towards the incredible diversity of the Jai Jagat Padyatrees.

The interconnectedness of ecological issues with inequality, poverty and other humanitarian crisis intrigues her. Riya approaches the challenges of the earth keeping a holistic view of this web, suggesting personal micro level solutions, while expanding scope for their macro connections plausible. Her experience with engineering and project management gives her a scientific temper while her curiosity of Gandhi’s Swaraj, keeps her grounded. Riya is keenly studying processes to address climate change challenges as a part of the Jai Jagat Yatra. She is developing a holistic and practical approach to find a harmonious point where economy and ecology, in today’s world, meet.

Riya has been a part of the planning of the Yatra and an active participant in discussions about ameliorating the climate crisis. Her approach makes her an invaluable member of the Jai Jagat family.

“यां रक्षन्त्यस्वप्ना विश्वदानीं देवा भूमिं पृथिवीमप्रमादम्

(Yaam Rakssanty[i]-Asvapnaa Vishva-Daaniim Devaa Bhuumim Prthiviim-Apramaadam)

I meditate on the Earth Who is sleeplessly protected by the devas with vigilance because She is Vishva-Daaniim (All-Giver) and all life-forms depend on Her.”