Mahendra Gohiya, India

Mahendra Gohiya is a resident of Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. . He used to work in a private firm in Indore but after his father’s death, he came back to his hometown. Mahendra joined Ekta Parishad in 2011. In Ekta Parishad he learned about nonviolence.

“I was a part of a yatra from Chada to Karvada, where I learned the practical implementation of nonviolence.”

In JanSatyagrah, he took the responsibility of “Bhojan Prabandak- Food Coordinator” and since then he has been a part of every yatra that Ekta Parishad has organised. He is currently working as a coordinator of Internet Sathi which is a collaborative project of Ekta Foundation Trust and PHIA Foundation which aims to increase digital literacy in Rural women.

“I personally believe that this is the perfect time for a Global Action as the world has grown to the size of a mobile phone. It is the perfect time to spread the message of Nonviolence for which I am participating in the global campaign of Jai Jagat 2020.”