Isaline Emmanuelle, France

Throughout my life, I have been inspired by women, men and children coming from different parts of the world, from Europe to South America, the Middle East to SouthEast Asia. These encounters with diverse cultures, lives and environments have transformed my conception of the world, and, in The process, myself.

The indigenous people of Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia offered me a precious gift: their spirit in harmony with the elements of the universe.

I first heard of Jai Jagat in 2018, during a March in France to raise awareness and defend the rights of migrants. Since that moment, the desire to join the walk grew until it became something I had to be part of: changing myself to change the world.

During the Jai Jagat March, step by step, I am sharing precious moments with people from all different horizons, discovering economic and social alternatives, new ways of seeing the world, learning nonviolence, learning.. To sow seeds of justice and peace in the world: Dignity for each human  being in a universe deeply loved and respected.