Denis Cheneau, Switzerland/France

Why “Jai Jagat”? 

In 2015 I volunteered in the first Alternatiba forum in Geneva. I am interested in an Indian who comes to speak at a conference … listening to him I feel called … The same evening I find myself in a park where I will become the gardener, a place steeped in history still palpable, Liliane’s house. Liliane who will become a friend and the president of Jai Jagat Geneva. 

Rajagopal was speaking one evening as I sat at the table and listened. I became a Jai Jagat walker that evening, feeling that walking in meditation can move mountains. The more the date of October 2, 2019 (anniversary of Gandhi’s 150 years) approaches, the more walking in Peace, for Peace, becomes obvious to me… I wanted to reach India by land (“Trans-Siberian”), but for reasons of administrative violence, I have to delay my departure from France, forcing myself to fly. 

It is an opportunity to move from pyramidal governance to horizontal and obviously vertical governance. This March is a unique opportunity for the transformation of our society provided that each of us seeks the best of ourselves, and that we can send powerful messages to our families, our homes. Indeed we are the roots of Jai Jagat and therefore we have a responsibility in the life of this community on the move. Considering myself as a root, everything that remains suffering in my community or in me prompts me to question myself, to meditate in order to purify what goes through me for the March. 

That’s why “Jai Jagat” from my point of view. We live a rough and beautiful learning, offering us the opportunity to go from a “violent” walk (for obvious reasons of differences in culture, characters, daily difficulties), to a really non-violent walk, not on surface, but deep down where eternal Joy remains (very clear signs already show that we are on this path…).