Join the Solidarity Fast for Peace in Ukraine on Wednesday, March 2nd

We appeal to all friends and peacemakers to join the Gandhian community in India, Sarvodaya Samaj, along with Ekta Parishad and the Jai Jagat network to fast on March 2nd during the day in your localities for peace in Ukraine. Through this fast, we are appealing to the Government of Russia to cease all hostilities against Ukraine so genuine dialogue can begin.

This collective action of fasting is a time to reflect on the military aggression and the harm that it is causing so many women, children and men. It is a moment to consider how this action is born out of a paradigm of the cold war, and not a paradigm of peace.

Mahatma Gandhi as a messenger of peace reminded us that Ahimsa – nonviolence – is the only way for civilization to advance.

We join Pope Francis in the March 2nd fast and prayer noting in his appeal: “May the Queen of Peace preserve the world from the madness of war”.

If convenient, take a photo of the March 2nd fast, holding the message

#FastforPeace , and share it with

Sarvodaya Samaj
Ekta Parishad
Jai Jagat International