Jai Jagat in Armenia

After a series of meeting in Yerevan, Dr. Ran Singh Parmar and Satish Raj Acharya,went to plan the route from Meghri to Yerevan. The actual distance between Yerevan to Meghri is 375 KM. They first went from Yerevan to Meghri and then on their way back, marked various villages where the yatra would stay. As the Yatra walks,on an average, 20 KM per day, it was important to look out for small villages or towns for the Yatra to stay at night. Out of this 375 Km, almost 250 KM are completely covered in Snow and the marchers might face extreme cold weather as the yatra will be here in the month of February. To see the difficulties that the marchers would face, both Ran Singh and Satish ,had a short march in one of the toughest region of the route. They were accompanied by Tigeren and David Simonyan,who are active members of a Youth group called Restart. Restart is a Youth group based in Yervan which works for Youth and strongly belives in the idea of Nonviolence.
In the coming days they will meet several people in the Armenian Government to request their support for the march.