“How can you walk from India to Geneva? “

It was the 3rd day of our walk from Joura. We were walking almost 20 K.M. and for someone with a body weight of 90kg, it’s a long and intensive walk.
But then we were told that we are going to a school at Sabalgarh.
As we entered, we were welcomed by some senior students of the school and then we were told to visit different classes and meet the children.
I was excited as I love to be around kids.
” How can you walk from India to Geneva? ” Mansi, a student of 4th B asked when I told the class we are walking from Delhi to Geneva. She looked at me in awe, as if we were aliens.
They were taught that there are only three ways of transport – Roadways, Waterways and Airways, where roadways focused on the road transport like buses and cars. But they never imagined that we can walk from one country to another.
Then I went further to ask if any of them had any fights. So only a few raised their hands as they were afraid to be scolded. Then we said that as they fight in school, many countries are also fighting and due to this fight many people are dying. So we are walking from Delhi to Geneva so that we could spread the message of peace and these fighting could stop.
Then one of my friend, Michael who was with me asked that ” How are you going to contribute to this march? ”
The children replied back with whispers among themselves.
“Promise us that you will not fight among yourself while we are marching for an year”.
This promise was their contribution for Jai Jagat 2020.
This was their contribution for peace.