Gandhi – From India to Geneva

Here at a Press Briefing organised at the Press Club, Mr. Rajagopal PV, eminent Gandhian stated that it was about time we started to see the entire globe through the lens of oneness. Victory for one and loss for other is no more an alternative in these times of extreme climatic, social and economic chaos. Vinoba Bhave gave is the slogan “Jai Jagat”, which means victory to the world. The Jai Jagat Campaign is a global call in this direction. As part of Gandhi 150, thousands of people committed to nonviolent change all over the world are taking up local actions in their own countries.
This is important not only because we are living in a time when the world is threatened by ecological crisis of huge proportion but with equal if not more concern about the development divide and the growing social marginalization of vast sections of our society”
Elaborating on why the year-long Yatra is going to culminate in Geneva, he stated pithily that given the huge interconnectedness in the world we are living in the quest for peace and social justice is universal and the march across Asia and Europe is a reflection of this, he added
The convergence of these solidarity actions is what potentially can lead to change particularly in addressing the issues of the climate crisis, poverty, social discrimination and conflict; four pillars matching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Jill Carr Harris, A Gandhian Scholar and international coordinator of the campaign shared 2019-20 is the 150th Centenary year of Ba-Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi-Kasturba Gandhi). This year on 2nd October 2019, a historical march begins from the resting place of Gandhi, Rajghat to the headquarters of the United Nations, Geneva.
The one-year march will start from Delhi, spending 121 days in India before culminating for a national peace conference in Sevagram on the 30th of January (Martyr’s Day). The yatra will then commence from Shiraz in Iran and travel for another 245 days into Geneva on the 26th of September 2020. Simultaneously parallel marches will also meet this Yatra in Geneva from Senegal, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom to name a few.  While in Geneva an 8-day forum would be organized to deliberate with various UN Agencies and like-minded organizations on four themes emerging out of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be translated into a Vision Document seeking the inclusion of non-violence and peace within the ambit of the sustainable development goal.
Key Facts:
March in India (including launch) 121 days
March internationally (including Geneva) 244
Total days of march: 365 days
No. of countries: 10
No. of marchers: 200 in India; 50 internationally
Expected numbers of people meeting on the march 10,000 internationally
Expected number of people trained in nonviolence in India: 2019: 2500.
Expected number of people to impact over the course of the year 10 million
For more information contact Mr.Ramesh Sharma, National Coordinator India , +91-99935-92422 or Aneesh Thillenkery, +91-99719-64569, email:, website: