Training on nonviolence in Sweden

Jill Carr-Harris went to Sweden in December 2017 to give trainings on nonviolence to two schools. Annette Larsson and some of her colleagues invited us to train ten separate classes in the La Gardia Secondary School. Some of the teaching staff in the social sciences and humanities met to discuss how to further integrate these concepts of nonviolence and (social, economic and political) inclusion into the courses. They believe it to be very timely given the politics of the day.
Twenty students in the Preparatory School for New Swedes took part in a training. These refugees are from Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Zambia and Myamar. They looked at the issue of nonviolence and realised that they come from communitarian societies and have something to contribute to Swedish society. Although they feel somewhat segregated from the Swedish high school by studying in a separate location, they looked
at ways that they could begin a greater integration process so that their language and fluency in the culture would increase. It was evident that if they learn to integrate in high school, that they will be more integrated in society.
In follow up to April 2017’s meeting in Lipkoping, twelve people came together to participate in a daylong training on nonviolence. A group of 15-20 Swedish friends aware of nonviolent training will try to raise funds to come to India for further capacity building. They felt this to be necessary before undertaking a
large march from Goteberg to Geneva.
One-day training was given to students in the University in Goteberg. The focus point was how leadership development is a key part of the Ekta Parishad training. The group discussed how building capacities was central to the success of any nonviolent action. The Togetherness group (SAME) in partnership with Lena Martinsson is also going well in preparing for the Jai Jagat march. Their main focus at the moment is the local problem of refugee resettlement.
Then, we met three people in the Swedish Parliament. Firstly, the Head of the Women’s Wing of the Social Democratic Party, Carina Olsson; secondly, the Chairman of Forum Syd, and who is also a Member of Parliament in the Social Democratic Party, Kent Harstedt; and the MP for the Green Party, Agneta Borjesson, for furthering linking the Greens to the Jai Jagat 2020