Mexican youths explore Gandhian ideology

Gandhian ideology is striking among Mexican youths. Three youngsters, aged below 25 years from Mexican University, are in Bhopal to explore Gandhian principles’ relevance in Indian culture in present context. Talking about the venture, Maria Gabriela Duran Valis, aged 22 years from National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), told ‘The Hitavada’ correspondent that that this is her first visit to India and she has decided to come to Madhya Pradesh mainly because of Gandhi Sewa Ashram located in Gwalior. From Gwalior, they reached Gandhi Bhavan in Bhopal Thursday.
She says that there is no replacement of Gandhian values and the deeper knowledge one gets only after studying different facets of Gandhian life. They have visited Sevagram in Maharashtra and during their stay in India, will be covering different important places, including Gujarat, to understand about Gandhian era. As a woman, she wants to stand as a leader, vouching for non-violence in her country as violence in Mexico is alarmingly high. Criminal groups are even sweeping into parts of Mexico, especially engaged in drug battles, which is the main concern for the youth of Mexico.
Aaron Andrade Valdivia is 23 years old volunteer from Non-Violence and Peace Culture Collective Organisation. He said that it is very much necessary to raise awareness about peace culture in the world for which Gandhian ideology can do wonders. It is very much obvious that among the first of the names that are heard amongst the plethora of freedom fighters and world heroes who stood for peace, Mahatma Gandhi’s name stands on top.
This is the main reason for him to visit India. Talking about Indian experience, he says that language is a bit problem since he only understands Spanish and his English is also weak, but he was amazed about the popularity of ‘Despacito’ a Spanish song among youth in the country, including youngsters in Bhopal city. Paulina Cortez Licona aged 23 years is a undergraduate studying sociology in Mexico and says that drug addiction, violence and poverty in Mexico are some of the major hindrances, which work against their country’s development. As a student, she wants to explore the possibilities to help youth to resort to non-violence.

The piece is written by Tara Chettur.