December 9

After yesterday’s evening meet, Satish Ghoti ji, 70, son of Sameer Mal who was there in 1933 when Gandhi ji visited Itarsi, lost his life in a road accident near the Ghoti Dharamsala, last night, 8th Dec. Sameer ji, 95, and his family are the keepers of the Ghoti Dharamsala.
The Jai Jagat padyatra walked in silence and paid their respect at his house before proceeding to the Ashram that houses relics and pictures of Gandhiji’s visit to this district after he left Sabarmati and was on his way to shift to Wardha.
It was a sad occasion and the JaiJagat team extends support and sympathy at the untimely demise of Satish Ghoti ji to his family and also extends gratitude for maintaining and turning the place where the Mahatma stayed, into a Dharamsala cum museum.

We walked further to be received in a Gurudwara where we listened to the kirtan. We are very grateful to the Guruji there who performed prayers for the yatrees.

We reached Sandeep’s home where the evening prayer took place. Sandeep is a social entrepreneur who is encouraging young people in the village to look into alternatives as a medium of living.
In the prayer session, Rajaji shared the importance of self transformation for social transformation.

The Yatra marched further to reach Pathrota village to be received with light lamps at ‘Bharat Calling’ the college started by Sandeep Bhai. It looked more so like an ashram or a learning space that not only offers a course on vocational agriculture but also offers a new way of life that is more meaningful.

The space has small vegetable patches and many trees with many creative handworks made from trash. A musical gathering in the evening under a natural roofing was followed by Sandeepbhai sharing his journey of change and what inspired him to start ‘ Bharat calling’.
The students are happy as they feel more confident to confront life situations and live independently. They earn to learn in institutes like Tata institute of Social science and the space offers them to expand newer possibilities keeping in mind the environment and society’s well-being.