December 12

This morning in Bhilletdev, it was a surprise when the sky was full of clouds and it began raining. We decided to start late and took time to listen to Sriraman Koyon, a land right activist from Kerala.
He along with 3 of his comrades joined the Jai Jagat march and walked for 3 days in solidarity.
Koyonji as a leader has been able to explore non-violent techniques in social movements for justice. He is part of a 7-year long land struggle called Harippa Andolan that is non-violent.
Debasis, a padyatree from West Bengal said, “It is very inspiring to see a non-violent movement stand strong even though external forces try to inject violence. What I learn is that if we are united and patient, we will reap fruits in the end.”
We walked through the town of Seoni Malwa where the local’s love was outpouring in the form of tea and biscuits.
In one of the meetings, Rajaji shared how important it is for us all to think about the well-being of the mother earth.
“What are we leaving behind for our future generations? This Yatra is all about finding answer to this deepening question’, he said.
The evening brought more surprises. The wind started blowing fast, and the sounds of thunder followed. And we walked in rains for the first time in the Yatra…and we move on singing ‘ Shanti ki hawa chale Jag kahe bhale bhale, din I’ve Sneha ka raat ranjh ki dhale..jai Jagat Ka I Jagat jai Jagat pukar jaa…