December 10

Today was a day of hard work, a day of hope and celebration for us all. At Pathrota village, we devoted our time in creating a soak pit in the village for the water to drain. We learnt how when we all come together, we can really make things happen.

We visited many villages today, the first being Kubdikhedi where we saw humble settlements. We sang with them and later discussed some of the issues of open waste dumping that is creating a menace to the villagers and posing a health threat for children.

After walking by the canal and fields of wheat; we reached the village of Cheerpani where we halted in a Primary school.

After walking another 7 kms, we reached the village of Mana, where we listened to people who were displaced 3 years ago and are currently landless. Saraswati, a core Jai Jagat marcher and activist spoke in the local language with them to connect with them. In a discussion with them, boosted their confidence to stand up for their rights. The chief of the village promised to offer all the support that he can.

Celebration with the villagers followed through singing and dancing. We feel hopeful about the situation there and are joyful to share moments of happiness with them.