Day 27- Diwali

This Diwali was very special for us marchers. It think it’s rarely that we get to celebrate a festival with friends from so many states of the country and nations; being with all of them in itself is a very new experience. We reached Ashok nagar and were welcomed at the Raghuvanshi Dharmshala. The day began with us planting saplings together. Later in the morning, we watched a street play on ‘Gandhi’. We visited the Jain temple in the afternoon, and were served lunch there.

We then headed towards the village of Takneri. As we walked through the small lanes of the village, mud houses with fresh cowdung walls, smiling children, we were filled with the warmth of the space.

It felt great to know that the villagers had gathered money to clean up the space, and to see welcome notes on the walls in 6 different languages. That was indeed heartwarming!!!

We spent the rest of the evening, lighting divas and sharing our presence with the loving children and people of the village.
We then moved to a Gurudwara where we woild be staying for the next 2 days. Being in the Gurudwara and listening to the prayers was very enlivening and enriching.

This Diwali at Ashok nagar is a ‘diwali’ we will always remember and cherish!!!