Day 19

We left Mudheri early; a cloudy day with pleasant breeze and the trees by the road is always a good news for us marchers. We reached Singhniwas by 11 am where we were welcomed by the village farmers and by the MLA.
We got a chance to meet with a joint family of almost 40 members. We interacted the women which was very insightful; their devotion and united spirit is quite inspiring.
We have reached Shivpuri at the collectorate.
Chief executive officer, H.P Verma said,
” You’ll are walking with an expression of love bridging people together as you’re walking. You are listening to villagers, their concerns and representing them.

“Reconciliation between the violence creators and the victim is important to understand. Indirect violence causes direct violence, need is to be aware of the indirect violence like discrimination, exploitation, social injustice.”

“Gandhi is what we need in these difficult times.”- Rajaji