Day 17- II

We left from Govardhan and began walking at around 9 am after taking a group photo with the girl students. A pleasant morning initially, the sun followed us with intermittent breeze as we walked. From pakka roads to kutchha roads, changing landscape from slightly plateau to more of plains,we witness social, economic, geographical and agricultural diversity.

From living in big air conditioned rooms in the cities, we now are in the villages in simple modest homes enjoying the night sky.

We reached the Hanuman temple in Patevari, Pohri. We were welcomed by the children in the village and had an interaction with them. We were humbled to see women from the village getting 20-30 chapatis in basket for all of us.
After resting we went further, watching Indian rollers swifting in groundnut fields, we halted after sometime.There the villagers opened up to share their state of life. What remained stark was a statement a woman made; she said, ” I don’t want to send my hikdren to school because there is nobody to teach him. It’s been 4 years he is not bake to rite his own name.”

As we walked further, we saw tomato and ajwain fields.

We reached as the sun set, sat for prarthana with the song ‘har desh mein tu har vesh mein tu, tere naam anek tu ek hi hai’ led by Rajaji which means you(the divine) are in every nation and in every form, your names are many however you are one.

After having dinner, we had a meeting and these are the brief outcomes.
Prospects for a yuva sammelan
Connecting and keeping a count of the number of people we are meeting as we walk
Jai Jagat for children
10 Interested Youth( from village and city) can come for 15 days
Format of Yatra -Silent prayer walk, slow walk to be more regular.
Challenge to learn non-violence
Global food security day /children dieing of hunger
Covering different pillars of Jai Jagat.
Shobha didi- how is the Yatra different from Ekta Parishad yatras?how can we make it global?
Social,economic and geographical and agricultural change…
Add more interculture spaces, slogans in different languages.