Day 16

Today is the 16th day of March and we are to walk 16km. We miss Lydie, one of the oldest marchers who left to Gwalior, her smile and caring self is what we carry with us as we march. We left Shyopur and as we were walking towards Vinega, we saw huge Mahua trees that looked magnificent.
As we walked, we saw Khair and ber trees on our way interspersed with the invasive lantana.
We reached the village of Vinega at around 11 and so we had time to have some discussion in 3 groups who discussed on land issues, livelihood and non-violent economic options and third one was an informal women circle where we connected with each other by sharing about our feelings.
After having lunch and little resting we left for Govardhan.
We reached the Sha sa ma Vidya, girls school cum hostel, Govardhan who welcomed us by chanting and singing. We interacted and sang with them in groups. Rajaji shared the objectives of the march and the girls responded with great energy.