Day 12

Violence is bred early into the minds of children through unconscious learning that they pick up from observations around. This is causing an increasing number of violence at subtle and extreme levels which then manifests in the form of division in family, nation and in between nations. As such, the importance of taking non-violence and peace into classrooms is growing.
Reva Joshee, is an educationist who has been working in the field of peace education. She has been experimenting to see how Gandhian values of non-violence can be taken to children in the classroom. She is here to share her solidarity towards Jai Jagat movement.
To learn and experience the life and teachings of Gandhi, teachers from Canada come to India and do a yatra to understand Gandhi’s philosophy.
Inclusive education is also being experimented. The physically challenged children are encouraged to sharpen their cooking skills so as to include them in the larger group.
Reva also has been working on ‘cyber compassion’, a project whereby children engage in the internet non-violently.