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  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2018


A conglomerate of nonviolent constructive actions and advocacy driven by struggle and dialogue. Such as the Global Peace (foot) March 2020, foot marches, peace conferences, dialogue summits, or leadership building training camps; along with grassroots based alternatives.

  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2018


A global community from the grassroots and urban civil society; marginalised, youth, women, teachers/students, media, bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen from diverse cultural, religious and social backgrounds of different parts of the world.

  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2018


To eradicate poverty, stop social discrimination, mitigate climate crisis and reduce conflict & war. Thereby encouraging diverse, grassroots-based alternatives or constructive programmes to accelerate a nonviolent bottom-up model of globalisation.


A movement inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi towards a more just and peaceful world. That focuses on Nonviolent Governance & Conflict Resolution, New Economic Development Paradigm, Micro-sustainable Eco-friendly & Climate Just Initiatives and Developing Capacities for Justice and Peace.