August 25 to 28 Marches in France

Action Aid – Peuples Solidaires, Mouvement pour une Alternative Non Violente, Route de Jérusalem – École de Paix are organising during the month of August for the international mobilisation Jai Jagat 2021-2030: two marches and a workshop on the results and impacts of militant marches:

– March in the West between Tours and Nantes from Tuesday 10 to Tuesday 24 August:

– Workshop on Walking for Justice and Peace among Humans and with the Planet at the Summer University of Social Movements and Solidarities 2021 on August 25:

– Salt Walk 2021 between Poligny and Arc-et-Senans from the evening of Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th August:

These walks enable the discovery and promotion of the many ecological and solidarity-based projects implemented by the inhabitants, elected representatives and other local players in the areas crossed. They also contribute to raising awareness in civil society of the idea that everyone can change their production, consumption and life style, and set up actions or activities in solidarity, ecology and locally for the planet and for more solidarity between people.

We invite all those interested in this approach to walk with us (even for a few hours), or to join us at the different stages and participate in the meetings and events that will be organised, to participate in our workshop on 25 August 2021 at the UEMSS.

Youtube Link for Marches Happening in France