Armenia – the land of Satyagrah

“There were 100,000 people approximately standing at the freedom square, raising up their hands, showing that they are here to protest peacefully. ” said David during our journey for the route planning.
I have been in Armenia for last 10 days, and the only thing that I have been hearing about is the Velvet Revolution.
Velvet Revolution is the first nonviolent revolution of Armenia led by Nikol Pashinyan (now the Prime Minister of Armenia). He started walking from Gyumri, to reach Yerevan where he was received at first, only be the students of Yerevan.
I have read in my history books about, Satyagraha – led by Mahatma Gandhi, during the Indian freedom struggle. But today I was listening to something similar.
“While these 100,000 people assembled in front of Freedom square, the police used brutal force, they were violent,but the protesters just raised their hands, to show that are unarmed and believed in Nonviolence. ” shared Tigran who was also a part of this struggle.
This country is an ideal example that Gandhi’s way of transformation, Nonviolent transformation is still possible. The Velvet Revolution embodies the values of Gandhian Satyagraha.
It is this fact which makes Armenia an important country for Jai Jagat. The Jai Jagat yatra will pass through Armenia in the month of February and March, starting from Meghri (a city near Iran-Armenia border). The March will cross the Syunik region to reach Yerevan where they will be a part of various conference and nonviolence training. Then they will continue their March towards Georgian border.
Armenia will be a symbolic country for Jai Jagat as it echoes the idea of nonviolence and will be an example to world about how nonviolence is the only way to bring peace change.