1. What?
    Name of the action and short description

Nonviolent ECOnomy Forum – International Day of Peace – September 21. A presential dialogue organized by representatives of the constructive programme “Sowing Peace Territories” emerged by the Assembly of Peoples, Communities and Neighborhoods of the Region Tijuana-San Diego and Mexicali-Calexico. This activity will consist in a dialogue to exchange experiences of civil organizations representatives, indigenous peoples, students, professors, workers, farmers and artists on the Nonviolent ECOnomy developed in the US-Mexico border. A tribute to Yaqui leader Tomás Rojo, co-founding member of the nonviolent movement of the border, will be also dedicated by peoples.

  1. Where?

Botanical Garden of the Tijuana Cultural Center of the Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico.

  1. When?

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

15 Hours (Tijuana Time)

  1. How many people are you waiting for? How many people are committed to participate?

100 people (presential)

  1. Who organizes?
    Brief description of the organizing group / persons

Mahatma Gandhi Chair, Tijuana Cultural Center, OraWorldMandala, Territories of Peace and various civil organizations in the region.

  1. Main contact

Oswaldo Cuadra Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Native Peoples and Communities Program – Tijuana Cultural Center

Guadalupe Duarte – OraWorldMandala