6th-7th November

Updates on 6th to 7th November for Jai Jagat 2020 – Peace Pilgrimage.
Lalitpur, UP was our long stop for two fold training by David and Debbie Fletcher for Satyagrahis and by Rajagopalji for adivasi village youth. In all a welcome great effort to bring all 50 Satyagrahis on common understanding on the purpose of yatra and also unite them, I personally enjoyed the intervention to its fullest. We also had a small time together with the adivasi village youth which was very informative. After the joint session, we had our usual evening prayers on 6th evening marching in the city. I really liked adivasi village youth actively participating in funds collection. Next day my group had to do sharing of yesterday’s learning and planning info for the day. Today was declared as the day of kindness, we carried on with yesterday’s pending work and completed soon as David and Debbie had to leave us and also we had an invitation from Nehru Mahavidyalaya where number of local leaders facilitated Jai Jagat 2020 team. A very good effort was done by school management but some political personalities left a bad taste in my mind, due to time pressure many of us used vehicle to commute to school by Rajaji & Jill Didi chose to walk only demonstrating their deepest commitment for walk.
Post late lunch, adivasi village youth presented some lovely songs and also a small skit. I really liked it, this was followed by an innovative session lead my Michael of France on non-violent communications. 1stly I couldn’t understand but as I got deeper I made good connection, I was at home. Our evening prayers was joined by a number of local leaders and ministers got prayers extended with facilitation sessions.
I was strongly concern to our financial position in UP as we had hardly collected any funds but with strong spell of rains i got firm message of divine blessings and thanks to local leaders and minister we got donations of Rs. 1 Lakh that fully covered our expenses in Lalitpur.
May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth.
Jai Jagat.