Day: September 13, 2020

Youth Promoting Refugee and Climate Justice – Webinar 07 of the series on ‘Building Capacities for Peace and Justice’

The world is in a crisis with the pandemic forcing the world to lock itself up on one hand and climate issues that threaten the very survival of the planet.…

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Learning from Indigenous people in Creating a Worldview

August 9th: World Indigenous Day By Rajagopal and Jill   In the Jai Jagat Global Peace march, fifty marchers walked through 2400 kilometres in central India from October 2nd, 2019…

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‘Developing Nonviolent Leadership’: Final webinar on the series on ‘Building Capacities for Justice and Peace’ – July 04, 2020

The final webinar’s theme, to conclude a series of 8 sessions over the last one month, is nonviolent leadership. There is clearly a disconnect between the young people and the…

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