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Online Webinar – 24th April, Day of the Armenian Genocide

During the first World War and its aftermath, Armenians in Turkey were mercilessly persecuted: their territories annexed, their history suppressed and hundreds of thousands of Armenians fled to different countries. The Armenian people, whose identity is tightly coupled with their history, are requesting different countries to recognise this genocide. To date 32 countries have done so by government decree or legislation. The Jai Jagat has requested the Indian Government to formally recognise the event. This is part of a larger peace campaign of acknowledging crimes against humanity that can be relegated to history and it is a step towards “bringing an end to all genocides”.


Speakers of the session are :

Dr. Edita Gozyan, Deputy Scientific Director of the Armenian Genocide museum, Yerawan; who’ll be presenting the case of the Armenian Genocide 

Umut Vedat, Sociologist and independent documentary filmMaker from Turkey

Paul Swartzentruber, Theologist and scholar and writer on peace; who’ll be presenting the case of the First Nations people of Canada. 


    April 24, 2020
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm